About us

Caucasus Translations is a professional translation and localization agency located in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, established in year 2008. 

We provide high quality and affordable translation and localization services between English and other major languages to clients worldwide. Our capabilities in Caucasus region languages, especially Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijan are well-known in the language services industry.

Caucasus Translations is a leader in the translation and content localization business in Caucasus and in Mid-Asia. 

Our Team

Our company employs more than 300 translators across the globe to provide cost effective, accurate and native translation solutions for companies in almost all industry verticals in about 40 countries.

  • Our team is built on the bases of an experience in multi linguistic projects, technical innovations and high comprehension of quality and client needs. All translations are completed by native-speaking professionals who are experts in their respective fields. 
  • Our team of translators stands ready to perform a wide range of translation services including texts that require specialized technical, legal, medical, scientific, engineering, business, financial, marketing, internet, and other terminology. 
  • We understand the importance of confidentiality for translation services and can sign the Non Disclosure Agreement as and when required. All our translators are bound by a strict confidentiality policy. 
  • We respect your privacy and do not use share your personal/translation data with any third party. 

Why Choose Us? 

  • We will work in close collaboration with you until satisfaction is achieved 
  • We have a strong command of the skilled, qualified translators, knowing and speaking many European, Caucasian and Asian languages. 
  • We work quickly and always meet the specified deadline 
  • We will take your orders even on holidays 
  • We strictly keep to our quality assurance processes 
  • We use CAT Tools in order to improve the quality 
  • Look at our clients – well established companies, satisfied with our services! 

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