Translation art

Translation as an Art

In the modern era, the acceleration and frequency of time, communications, and connections have been induced by technological innovations. Distances have been shortened and people in different parts of the planet have been enabled to make…

Natalia Gagnidze

6 May, 2022

Happy Summer Solstice

Here at Caucasus Translations we would like to greet all our customers, partners, colleagues and friends with a Summer Solstice! Although Summer Solstice happened on June 21 (Father's day in United States as well) - in some countries (…

Reinis Fischer

23 June, 2015

About Armenian Language

I have already covered topics about Georgian and Azerbaijani languages, today is time to cover another major language spoken in South Caucasus region - Armenian language.If you would like to learn more about Armenian translation, please…

Reinis Fischer

21 June, 2015

Hotel Website Translation

Here at Caucasus Translations we understand the importance of accurate hotel website translations. And that's why we are proudly offering qualitative translation services for the hospitality industry.Need a hotel website translation quote…

Reinis Fischer

16 June, 2015