Quality Assurance

All services we provide undergo quality control right from the moment of receipt until the delivery.

Our translators are highly qualified linguists, experts in their fields, which guarantees correct and accurate translation and interpretation and prevents the embarrassment and expenses caused by poor translations.

Our professional proofreaders and copy editors have a skilful eye and excellent language expertise. Following steps are followed by default to assure quality.


On completion of the initial translation, the translator will check his/her own work. This process includes checking that the meaning has been conveyed, that there are no omissions or errors, and that the defined service specifications have been met. The translator will also make any necessary modifications.


The reviser will be a person other than the translator possessing the appropriate competence in the source and target languages. The reviser will examine the translation for its suitability for purpose. This will include, as required by the project, comparison of the source and target texts for terminology consistency, register, and style.

Considering the reviser's recommendations, we will implement the required corrective measures. Corrective measures even include retranslation.


The reviewer will carry out a monolingual review to assess the suitability of the translation for the agreed purpose and recommend corrective measures.

Considering the reviewer's recommendations, we will implement any necessary corrective measures.


We also ensure that the text is thoroughly proofread.

We also offer:

  • Bilingual Proofreading
  • Monolingual Proofreading
  • Pre-print Proofreading.

Final verification

The Translator will verify that the service provided meets the service specifications.