Legal Translation Services

Caucasus Translations understands the importance of accurate legal documentation and we are proud to offer a full range of legal translation services in many language combinations. Our capabilities in Caucasus region languages, especially GeorgianArmenian and Azerbaijan are well-known in the language services industry.

Accurate translation of legal documents

Accurate translation for legal documents depends on translators comprehensive knowledge of the legal terminology. Our experienced team of legal translators specializes for the translation of international contracts and agreements, foreign law, court documentation, government regulations, contract law, employment law or any other discipline you require.

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Here at Caucasus Translations, we keep the content of legal documents confidential. We work closely with law firms and insurance companies. Our comprehensive approach in translating your materials with the highest accuracy includes identifying the local language requirements and proofreading documents before delivery. Find out more about our Quality Assurance for legal translation.

All legal translations are done by our legal professionals and documents will be valid for legal purposes in the Georgia, Europe, USA and other countries.

Examples of Legal Translation:


Statutes, Judgements & Decrees, Evidential Documents, Summons & Pleadings etc.


Regulations, Rulings & Decisions, Reports & Technical Submissions, Certificates of Birth, Death, Marriage etc.


Contracts, Wills & Testaments, Trusts, Financial Documents, Insurance Records, University, High School Diplomas etc.